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Edible Body Butter in the Bedroom


Body butter is not the same thing as a lotion or massage oil, and in fact, is thicker and more luxurious than all of those combined….and it’s edible. The best body butters are created without harsh chemical additives, and the base ingredients are pronounceable. Body butter has less moisture in it, as compared to a lotion. And while it’s true that your skin loves water, too much can also have a drying effect. Body butters have less water in them, are comprised primarily of oils and butters, natural occurring in nature, and as such are able to penetrate the surface of the skin more readily. If the body butter is also enhanced with natural aphrodisiacs (yes they do exist in nature!) then there can be a two-fold effect: happy skin, and a happy body.

  Best Ways to Use Body Butters massage-intimacy-body-butter-wildfire-heartIf you are simply looking for a great over all moisturizer, then you can’t go wrong with a body butter. Again, select thosetypes that have all natural ingredients, oils, and herbs, spices, or flowers in them. The body, even sensitive skin, tends to react better towards them. Be careful using a new body butter on your face, as the delicate skin there (and elsewhere) may not respond kindly to it. It is always best to test first before using in sensitive areas. If you plan to use body butters during love making, opt for the paraben free (no nasties) ingredient list as these won’t upset those sensitive areas. Body butters are not greasy, though this is a common myth. Because it penetrates the skin so quickly, there is hardly ever any residue left over. And those body butters that are flavored and scented, will leave behind a wonderful, added sensation for your partner. Body Butter as a Sexual Condiment For those that wish to use their body butters in the bedroom, there is a wide range of products that are not only great for moisturizing the body, but are also designed to create a loving, warm, and luxurious experience for you and your partner. The longer you rub body butters into the skin, the better it gets because it is heat activated. That means that whatever ingredients are in the butter become stronger, whether that is aroma, natural aphrodisiac, or heat level. This is the perfect body lubricant to wake up the sensual appetite. Body butter increases sensitivity, so using it in the bedroom is a win/win for everyone. When using the paraben free body butters, you can both use it on delicate areas and it won’t upset the natural pH balance. And a little goes a long way. Slathering a large handful on someone isn’t going to give you the results you seek. Instead, just a dime to a quarter sized amount will go a very long way. massage-oil-wildfire-oil-body-butter Body Butter with Toys Since body butter increases the sensitivity of the skin to touch, many couples love to use feather ticklers, or other sex toys in conjunction with the body butters. If you’ve never combined the two together, you are in for a treat as it is almost sensory overload at first. As addictive as a narcotic, but without the side effects, it’s the legal high that you can enjoy again, and again.

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