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  • Sale! Mood Mist Gift Pack - essential oil room spray

    Mood Mist Gift Pack

    $39.95 inc GST

    Essential Oil Room Sprays (3 x 50ml)

    Can’t decide which Mood Mist to try? Why not grab all three in this glorious gift pack. Includes 3 full-size 50ml Mood Mists – Feels Like Love, Bliss and Lust.

  • Sale! Bliss Mood Mist 50ml - Calming Essential Oil Spray

    BLISS Mood Mist

    $13.45 inc GST

    Calming Essential Oil Spray (50ml)

    Feels Like Bliss, mood mist is a calming essential oil spray. Use it as a room spray or anywhere you need to create calm, blissful, relaxing surroundings.

    This calming mood mist has been blended to match Wildfire Original All Over Pleasure Oil and our Tease Aphrodisiac Essential Oil Blend.

  • Sale! Love Mood Mist 50ml - Romantic Room Spray

    LOVE Mood Mist

    $13.45 inc GST

    Romantic Room Spray (50ml)

    Get ready to feel the love with Feels like Love, the ultimate romantic room spray! This magical mist is the perfect way to set the mood for a steamy night in. Simply spritz a few sprays of this essential oil spray on your sheets, around the room, or even on your lingerie for an instant boost of romance!

    Our Feels like Love mood mist is made with only the purest essential oils known for their aphrodisiac qualities – think sandalwood and ylang-ylang! As soon as you spray it, let the love-infused aroma fill the air and get you in the mood for some serious romance.

    What’s even better? Our romantic mood mist has been specially blended to match our Wildfire Enhance Her all-over pleasure oil and Tantalize our pure aphrodisiac essential oil for love. So, whether you’re looking to add some excitement to your love life or simply want to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere, Feels like Love has got you covered.

    Don’t wait – try Feels like Love today and let the magic of romance take over!

  • Sale! Lust Mood Mist 50ml - Essential Oil Spray

    LUST Mood Mist

    $13.45 inc GST

    Linen Spray That’s Sexy (50ml)

    Do you know what’s better than a hot date? A hot date that’s been sprayed with Feels Like Lust linen spray.

    Because it’s all about the smell, right? That’s why we’ve created this sexy linen spray that combines the delicate fragrances of ylang-ylang, bergamot, and patchouli to create a decadent, enticing fragrance within an essential oil spray. Whether you’re getting ready for a night out on the town or a night in, spritz it on your sheets or even your favourite lingerie, or clothes—it’s like an aphrodisiac in a bottle!

    And if you’re looking for something to go with our sexy linen spray, check out Wildfire Black All Over Pleasure Oil and Tempt our aphrodisiac essential oil blend.