Discover New and Exciting
Ways to Connect
Infused Essential Oils Designed
To Fuel Your Inner Fire
Discover New and Exciting
Ways to Connect

Spice Up Your Love Life
With These Best Sellers

Enhance Desire, Intimacy AND Pleasure

All-Natural Products
to Ignite Your Love Life

We can’t wait for you to discover our beautifully crafted range of love, lust, and intimacy products, each made from the finest natural ingredients our wonderful planet has to offer.

Our signature All-Over Pleasure Oils are handcrafted from a luscious infusion of herbal aphrodisiacs, luxurious essential oils, and rich olive oil bases. They are completely natural and cruelty-free.

We also have Edible Body Fusions, which are gorgeous body butters that taste great and take the bedroom to a whole new level. 

Our “IT” Arousal Oils are available in two spine-tingling sensations, and there are gifts and surprises to help you and your partner discover each other all over again. So, what are you waiting for…it’s time to Ignite Your Love Life.

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Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship

In this fast-paced world, it is easy to lose touch with ourselves and our partners. This can have a negative impact on both our health and our relationships. Our lovely collection of products is made with love for love. We provide a variety of all-natural products that promote touch and foreplay, thereby increasing a couple’s intimacy.

It’s time to reconnect, let go of inhibitions, and discover your partner and yourself in completely new ways. Make time to plan an intimate love ceremony that will delight your senses and rekindle your passion. Reconnect with your lover or yourself by engaging your senses and creating an atmosphere conducive to a night of pleasure and romance.

Wildfire is the solution for self-love, a passionate encounter, a deeper connection, or a wild night of passion. Its all-natural fragrances and integrated aphrodisiacs will transport you across time and space, bringing you on an adventure with no boundaries. Now is the time to let Wildfire assist you in making those intimate moments feel as though time has stopped.

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Enhance Arousal With All-Natural Aphrodisiacs

At Wildfire our range of products includes 4-in-1 Pleasure oils, Arousal oils, Aphrodisiac essential oils, and Mood mists. Our products help increase the intensity of touch and sensitivity, as well as increase sex drive and, in certain cases, even aid to extend sex. The potent herbal aphrodisiacs we infuse in our oils are what sets us apart. They’ve been used for centuries to boost libido, heighten arousal, and intensify orgasm. So, while some could think our most popular pleasure oil is sex oil and sex lube, we know it is so much more.

Wildfire ignites the senses and enhances arousal. The 100 percent pure essential oils we use in our products have physiological effects on the body through contact with skin and inhalation that function to:

  • Increase sexual desire in males and females
  • Enhance sexual performance for males and females
  • Heightens arousal for males and females
  • Create a sensual ambiance with pleasant natural aromas

Wildfire’s range of products not only enhances sensual touch and intimacy, but it gives couples a reason to come together and ‘fuel their fantasies’. Our pleasure oils have been scientifically formulated to enhance sexual energy, sexual performance and to indulge the senses. Wildfire products use exotic blends of essential oils and potent aphrodisiacs. Our pleasure oils infuse these ingredients together to create the world’s first most exhilarating massage oil and intimate body oil.

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