Sensual Body Butters

for Tantalising Touch and Taste

Escape into your Vanilla Desires, indulge in some Chocolate Lust and live our your best Strawberry Dreams with Wildfire Sensual Body Butter.

All-natural, Australian-made and oh so luxurious, our body butter will deepen you intimacy, heighten your self-exploration, and stimulate your senses through sweet, playful sexuality.

These exotic buttery concoctions for all-over your body can be enjoyed in the bedroom and in your everyday life. For a sensory experience that you can taste, enhanced by the warmth of your lover’s touch, find deeper connection and embrace your most passionate fantasies.

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Dessert Just Got Sexier

Wildfire Vanilla Desires
Body Butter

Tastes of vanilla and coconut come together in Vanilla Desire Body Butter to excite your senses and elevate your intimacy.

Wildfire Chocolate Lust
Body Butter

Rich and aromatic, Chocolate Lust Body Butter makes your intimate moments so much sweeter with desire you can taste.

Wildfire Strawberry Dreams
Body Butter

Find yourself wrapped in a field of Strawberry Dreams Body Butter and indulge in the sweet, juicy sensations from your wildest fantasies.

Elevated Intimacy • Satisfying Self-Care • Sensory Pleasure

How to Use Our Sensual Body Butters

Tantalising Body Butter for Playful Intimacy

With a buttery texture and delectable taste, discover intimate foreplay and more delicious sex. Alert your senses to a full-body experience to awaken your inner desires and explore a playful intimacy that’s sexy and fun.

Sensual Moisturiser for the Ultimate Self-Care

Bring deeper sensuality to your self-care rituals with luxurious body butter to soothe your skin. Lather up after an indulgent bath or tease yourself with its velvety texture. You deserve pleasure and satisfaction, even on your own.

All-Over Sensations for an Erotic Sensory Experience

Stimulate your senses through touch, smell and taste. Feel your passion rising, turn yourself on throughout the day, and tease your lover with your body promised as dessert. As a fragrant body butter or seductive massage lotion, you’ll experience a sultry, sweet sensory explosion.

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