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Spice Up Your Date Night

Sexy Date Night Ideas That'll Get You In The Mood

Trying to grab some time alone with your partner, let alone making time for sex, can be really hard sometimes. So, when you do get some precious hours to yourselves, you want to make the most of it – right?  


Use these tips and ideas to take the ho-hum date night, to a love nest of epic proportions. Sexy, romantic, sweet, and tender, date night can be all that, and more. Enjoy some of our steamy tips to make the most of your next date night.

1. Just Dance

Roll up the carpet, shove the furniture out of the way and crank the tunes. Dim the lights, and start the dance fest. Dance for each other, and with each other. Feel the heat rise, and enjoy touching one another for that ‘dirty dancing’ feel, then get ‘footloose’.

2. Allow Yourself To Be Pampered

Taking the time to pamper each other is the definition of steamy. Run a nice long bath and sensually wash your mate from head to toe, and in between. OR, allow yourself to be pampered in the same way. Better yet, join your mate in the suds.

3. Chocolate is Still the King

Engage all of the senses on date night. Feed each other some very decadent chocolate. Over-the-top indulgence can start with your sense of taste. It will make him want to taste more.

4. Passing Notes Is Still Sexy

Go to a performance, or movie theatre and pass notes to one another….on old fashioned paper with a pencil/pen. Share what you’d like to be doing instead of watching the movie. You won’t be able to get home fast enough.

5. Indoors Picnic

Pick an unusual room, not the bedroom, and create a love nest. Have a romantic picnic there with lots of pillows, a blanket, wine, and assorted toys. Picnics are not just for the outdoors.

date night ideas - skinny dipping

6. Skinny Dipping

If you are lucky enough to have a pool or live near a body of water, getting out on the water by moonlight is super sexy, and the mood is already guaranteed by nature. There’s a reason they call it ‘moonstruck’.

7. New Touches, New Kisses

There’s a reason that 50 Shades of Grey was so popular. It offered new ideas and perspectives on sex, sensual touch, and couples massage (not to mention the lovely toys). Learning a new way to kiss each other, or touch each other is very, very sexy. Look at a few new ideas on the interwebs and try them out together.

8. Spa Night

One of the hottest date night ideas is to give each other full-body massages. Use sensual oils and body butter that are edible, or use those that increase the sensitivity of the skin to touch. Not only will your body feel incredible, but it will definitely lead to some very hot romance.

Final Thoughts

Date Nights Don’t Have To Cost A Lot Of Money, Or Any Money At All If You Are Just A Little Creative. Use The Date Night Ideas We’ve Shown You Here As Springboards To Your Own Hot Rendezvous, And Make The Most Of Your Next Alone Time With Your Partner.

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