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Do Natural Aphrodisiacs Really Exist?

Do Natural Aphrodisiacs
Really Exist?

Since man and woman discovered sex, there have been claims that certain foods, spices, fragrances, and totems were aphrodisiacs. Some were, clearly, psychological, while others we’re finding out today (thanks to modern science) do actually produce a rise in blood pressure and increased momentum to the sexual organs and sex drive. 

Many herbs and those supplements that boost libido in both men and women can also be included into massage oils and edible body butters. Here are some of the more popular naturally occurring aphrodisiacs in nature. Some might really surprise you.


Rose Geranium

This herb has a wonderful floral scent to it and it has a stimulating effect on the lymph system, and boosts hormones, often restoring the balance. It heightens sensitivity to touch, creates warmth, and reduces anxiety.


Not just for pumpkin pie any longer. This spice will warm up more than your favorite desserts. Scientific studies have shown that in males, this spice really amps up the stamina factor significantly. It works equally as well on women, too, increasing sexual drive.


A cousin to nutmeg, the clove specifically targets women as it is a potent spice for increasing libido. Men can use it as well, or in combination with other naturally occurring aphrodisiacs for tremendous response. This is really good when it is put into an oil, then warmed before application.

Maca Root

First discovered and used in Asia, this root benefits male sexuality specifically, but also in post-menopausal women. This herb increases blood flow to all the right places, and helps to support additional hormone health.

Ylang, Ylang

This herb has a distinctly floral scent and is a natural stimulant and libido booster. When used topically it penetrates and works quickly. For a double whammy, some like to use a mood mist infused with Ylang Ylang, then use a body oil or butter to apply topically.

Horny Goat Weed

Yes…that’s really its name! This weedy herb has what is called a hypotensive effect, which means it increases blood flow and gets your body geared for action of any sort. Again, it can be taken internally or absorbed easily through the skin when used in a sensual massage oil, or edible body butter.

The secret to naturally occurring aphrodisiacs is to either use them already infused in a concentrated form in massage oil, or suspended in a cream or body butter because they are all absorbed by the skin readily. 


If you drink them as prepared tea, it can take several days of drinking the tea to raise your temperature to the point where your libido is at optimum range. Applied topically, often the results are in full effect within minutes.

Many couples like to use massage oil with these natural aphrodisiacs in them as a precursor to an intimate night at home, or as a wonderful conclusion to a date night. For a romantic evening, these aphrodisiacs have a sterling reputation for not causing allergic reactions and producing exciting and fully satisfying results. Who needs Viagra when you have Horny Goat Weed?

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