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Exotic Essential Oil Room Sprays

Fill the Air & Enhance Your Linen With Sensual Scents

Wildfire Mood Mists are enticing and all-encompassing, made to be enjoyed as an intimate mood booster and as sensual room sprays for explosive passion, indulgent self-care and an irresistible sensory exploration.

Build the desire and feel the love with a room fragrance that surrounds you and your lover in sensuality. From blissful release to powerful lust, our Mood Mist room sprays do more than set the tone, they transform it.

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Mist Your Life in Sensuality

  • Bliss Mood Mist 50ml - Calming Essential Oil Spray

    BLISS Mood Mist

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  • Love Mood Mist 50ml - Romantic Room Spray

    LOVE Mood Mist

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  • Lust Mood Mist 50ml - Essential Oil Spray

    LUST Mood Mist

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Cultivate Intimacy • Revolutionise Your Self-Care
• Sensory Exploration

Erotic Scents That Will Leave You Wanting More

Feels Like Bliss
Mood Mist

Combining blissful lavender and calming Sandalwood, Wildfire Feels Like Bliss Mood Mist helps you open up and relax into sensuality.

Feels Like Lust
Mood Mist

Exotic essential oils brimming with passion to excite your deepest desires, Wildfire Feels Like Lust Mood Mist is made with Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Patchouli for an irresistible scent.

Feels Like Love
Mood Mist

Keep the spark alive with Wildfire Feels Like Love Mood Mist made with relaxing Sandalwood and romantic Rose Geranium.


Three Sensual Fragrances to Set the Mood

  • Mood Mist Gift Pack Sale!

    Mood Mist Gift Pack

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How to Use Wildfire Mood Mists

Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy

Made with erotic essential oils that are sure to turn you on, Wildfire Mood Mist help you get in the mood to enjoy an intimate evening with your partner or playful afternoon with just me, myself and I. Experience sensuality like never before with incredible aromas at every turn.

Room &
Linen Spray

Relax and unwind during a long bath with our Bliss Mood Mist swirling through the air or tease and excite with just a few pumps of our Lust Mood Mist throughout the house, tantalising your guests. Transform any space into a pleasure retreat as a room spray to stimulate your senses.


Why leave intimacy and sexuality in the bedroom? Spray some Mood Mist on your favourite scarf or sexiest blouse for a non-stop sensual experience. It’s a daily fragrance you can wear when you’re feeling particularly spicy.

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