All Natural For All-Over Pleasure

Our alluring sensual massage oils are all-natural and manufactured in Australia. They combine the world’s most exotic aphrodisiacs from Asia, India, Africa, and the Americas for full-body enjoyment and a transforming sensory experience.

Sensual and satisfying, aromatic and tantalising, these multi-use pleasure oils are made to be enjoyed both in and out of the bedroom. The Wildfire range of All Over Pleasure Oils is a world first in using the process of infusing herbal medicines, and in particular herbal aphrodisiacs into an extra virgin olive oil base. The result is a unique range of 4–in–1 sensual oils that deliver tangible results on application.

Wildfire 4-in-1 Pleasure oils can be applied in a number of different ways:

  Body Oil    Bath Oil    Intimate Oil    Massage Oil

Change your love life forever with these Australian made indulgences that truly do enhance sensation and intensify touch. It’s love on a whole new level. From a sensuous and soothing sexy massage oil to an intimate oil that is safe to use as a natural lubricant, to natural skincare as an all-over body oil or the most luxurious after bath oil, there is something for everyone. It’s true rejuvenation in more ways than one.

Arousing Scents
to Seduce Your Senses


Deepen the intimacy between you and your partner, indulge in revolutionary self-care, and give your senses an unforgettable experience.

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Wildfire All Over Pleasure Oils have been scientifically formulated to increase sexual energy, sexual performance, and to satisfy your senses. The carrier oils in these sensual oils penetrate the skin through massage, heat, and friction, delivering infused herbal aphrodisiacs directly to the body’s organs in minutes. The arousal and heightened sensation you will experience are caused by the action of Wildfire Pleasure Oils on the following systems:

Ways to Use WILDFIRE Pleasure Oils

Intimacy Oil to Heighten Your Sensations

As a natural lubricant, pleasure oils heighten your arousal, intensify your orgasm, and deepen your sensations.
Enhance your most passionate, intimate moments with a lover and explore your own body’s sensual pleasures.
Unleash your deepest desires once and for all.

All-Natural Skincare for True Self-Indulgence

For the ultimate act of self-care, indulge in the rituals of these deeply moisturising, all-over skin oils.
Massage into the skin after a luxurious shower or experience these transformative fragrances as a rich bath oil.
Re-invigorate your tired skin and awaken your senses.

All-Over Oil to Experience a Sensory Explosion

Send your senses into overdrive with the alluring aromas of our sensual pleasure oils.
To be used as oils for massage or simply as a tantalising everyday fragrance,
your in for a sensory explosion no matter how you decide to indulge.


relaxing massage oil - Wildfire Original 50ml box

Wildfire Original Pleasure Oil

Our Original formula of warming aromatics and alluring aphrodisiacs ignite your senses for all-over indulgence.

WILDFIRE Enhance Her Pleasure Oil

Formulated to ignite her pleasure through exotic aromas and textures, Enhance Her Pleasure Oil is a natural lubricate for pre-and post-menopausal women.

best lubricant for menopause dryness - wildfire enhance her 50ml box

WILDFIRE Black Pleasure Oil

Our Black double-strength formula is extra potent for ultimate pleasure, packed with seductive aphrodisiac herbs for a deeply intense sensory experience.

The Perfect Gift of Love

gift set for her - All My Love Gift Pack

All My Love Gift Pack

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