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How to Bring Romance Back Into Your Relationship


So you’re in a relationship rut. Maybe you’ve finally realised that the honeymoon phase is over, or perhaps you’re both so busy with work, family and other commitments that it suddenly seems difficult to spend quality time together like you used to. The good news is that this is a fairly normal problem to have and with our simple tips, you could be back to romance in no time at all. Continue reading to learn how to rekindle a relationship and bring back the romance. Warning: loved up happiness lies ahead. Proceed with excitement.


Your partner is always there, right? So when your office calls on you to work extra hours or a friend plans something that you simply don’t want to miss out on, it can be easy to feel as though hanging out in your pyjamas with the boyfriend or girlfriend is easily disposable. We’re sorry to break it to you, but this mentality only gets you a one-way ticket to relationship hell. Try organising a weekly or even fortnightly date night that you can lock in your calendar. Whether it’s dinner, a movie or the aforementioned pyjama night, consider it a non-negotiable. Trust us, the regular quality time spent together will reignite the romance spark so fast you’ll forget that it ever left.


Even if you’re not the type of person to get all sappy with your significant other, we all have those random thoughts from time to time that say “I’m so lucky to have this person.” So the next time you find yourself feelingly thankful, let them know. Whether it’s a phone call, a text or in person, they are sure to appreciate being reminded just how much you love them. Not only is this a terrific way to share your feelings, but it will foster a sense of closeness together even if you are finding it difficult to see each other a lot. Try it next time – we guarantee it will be worthy.


Maybe you’re both exhausted from a long day at work, or perhaps the kids have been playing up and you’ve barely had a chance to say five words to one another. When you finally get some quiet time – whether it’s five minutes or a few hours – make an effort to do something to make the moment more romantic. Light some candles, put on your favourite music or snuggle up on the couch together. It’s the little things that count in the end and they can go a long way when it comes to taking the time to appreciate each other amongst the madness.

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