Sensual GIFT PACKS & Bundles

Indulgence for All Occasions

Wildfire Gifts Packs feature intimate, sensational, and fully immersive Wildfire collections. They’re perfect for couples who want to give the gift of passion, and luxurious enough for self-care rituals. Enjoy them in a variety of ways to bring more sensuality into your everyday life. 

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Give the Gift of Passion

Go for a gift set to really turn your partner on, or grab your favourite bundle to tease yourself with all of our sensory-enhancing goodies. It’s the ultimate way to indulge and enhance your self-care ritual.

Tantalising Sexy Gifts to Set the Mood

Tease Bundle

Lather your body in our Original Pleasure Oil, mist your room with our Bliss Mood Mist and warm up our Tease Essential Oil for the ultimate sensory experience.

Truly Tantalize Bundle

The perfect gift for your lover with our Enhance Her Pleasure Oil for the ultimate sensual massage, our Love Mood Mist for a romantic atmosphere and our Tantalize Essential Oil that’s truly unforgettable.

Absolute Temptation Bundle

Tempt your wild side and embrace all your senses with our Black Pleasure Oil all over your skin, our Lust Mood Mist on the sheets and our Tempt Essential Oil diffusing in the background.

Explore Intimacy • Indulge Yourself •
Heighten Your Sensations

Romantic Gifts for Couples & Lovers

Pure Pleasure Gift Pack

Please your lover with our Original Pleasure Oil while our Tease Essential Oil warms up the room in our ceramic Warming Chalice.

Wicked Thoughts Gift Pack

Set the mood with our Tantalize Essential Oil, warmed up in our ceramic Warming Chalice. Then, arouse even more intimacy with our Enhance Her Pleasure Oil.

Dark Passion Gift Pack

Embrace your naughty side with sensual Black All-Over Pleasure Oil with our Tempt Essential Oil in the background, enhanced by our Warming Chalice.

Sexy Gift Set for Her to Fire IT Up

Fire IT Up Original Gift Pack

Turn up the heat with this arousing gift for her, complete with our Original Pleasure Oil, Warming Arousal Oil and Bliss Mood Mist. Or enjoy the pleasure on your own and explore your solo sensual side.

Fire IT Up Enhance Her Gift Pack

She’ll be bursting with pleasure with our Enhance Her Pleasure Oil, our Warming Arousal Oil and our Love Mood Mist, all in one place with this sensual gift pack.

Fire IT Up Black Gift Pack

Spice up your self-care rituals with this indulgent bundle of our Black Pleasure Oil to moisturise your skin, our Warming Arousal Oil for experimental self-play and our Lust Mood Mist to feel the excitement under the covers.

Turn IT On with a Gift Set for Her

Turn IT On Original Gift Pack

Tease your senses with this sophisticated gift featuring our Original Pleasure Oil, Cooling Arousal Oil and Bliss Mood Mist.

Turn IT On Enhance Her Gift Pack

Turn on her pleasure with this tantalising gift for her with our Enhance Her Pleasure Oil, Cooling Arousal Oil and Love Mood Mist.

Turn IT On Black Gift Pack

Unleash your darkest desires and engulf yourself in pleasure with this combination of our Black Pleasure Oil, Cooling Arousal Oil and Lust Mood Mist.

Sensual Gifts for Couples and Self-Care

Mood Mist Gift Pack

With this combination of erotic aromatherapy to embrace your sensuality, you won’t have to choose just one. Create an immersive experience for your senses with these room and linen sprays.

Wildfire Trilogy Collection

Unleash your desires and engulf yourself in sensual ambiance with our trilogy collection of aphrodisiac essential oils, Tempt, Tease and Tantalize.

All My Love Gift Pack

Show your love with our entire collection of Pleasure Oils, made to be used as an all-natural lubricant, moisturising body oil or sensual massage oil for a full-body sensory experience.

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