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NSA Relationships – The Commitment to Non-Commitment

NSA Relationships – The Commitment to Non-Commitment

If you decide to partake in No Strings Attached (NSA) Relationships, you are committing yourself to the art form of alternative partnering. You are committing to the huge deviation from traditional relationships of past generations. You, my friend, are venturing into the unknown. Luckily, what is unknown to many is known to Wildfire Oil! As you begin your adventure into the delicate intricacies of NSA relationships, allow us to offer some general guidelines and an overview of how to expect the unexpected.



First and foremost, spend some time in self-reflection to figure out what type of partnership you want!

You already know that the traditional mould just isn’t for you. Perhaps you don’t have enough time for maintaining a committed relationship, or maybe you simply aren’t interested in the heteronormative, gender-role enforcing Cinderella Story. Then again, you might be interested in a NSA relationship just as an experiment. On the other hand, it might be due to your disillusionment with romanticism. Wherever your reasons for seeking a NSA relationship lie, it is crucial for you to reflect on the potential compatible traits of possible NSA partners.


Ensure the conclusions of your self-reflection still meet the criteria for a NSA relationship

A basic definition of NSA relationships is a situation where (any number of) consenting adults decide to enter into a sexual, physical relationship. Furthermore, the relationship with one another purposely excludes expectation for the presence of commitment found within traditional relationships. As a result, such relationships exclude emotional attachment and romantic feelings. Therefore, this should be mutually understood between those in the NSA relationship.

If you find that this definition is completely off from what you’re looking for in a relationship, venturing into the unknown of NSA relationships is not for you!


(NSA) Relationships Finding a compatible partner

The partner (or partners) you choose to engage in NSA relationships, should be someone you feel comfortable with.  A relationship without commitment is not the same thing as a relationship without any chemistry! Where is the fun in a relationship if you’re uncomfortable with your partner? Find someone who has similar ideas regarding their NSA preferences, who you are comfortable with, and, frankly, who you want to have sex with/are sexually attracted too!


Establish mutually understood ground rules

To have a healthy NSA relationship you only need to follow a couple of simple NSA Relationship rules. Firstly, it is essential you maintain an emotional distance from your partner. Secondly, keep the sexual relationship enjoyable! Sounds simple right? Well, it is, with good communication. Now, you’re probably wondering what’s communication got to do with sex? Almost every successful relationship is based on good communication. So if you want a successful relationship, you want to have good communication. For this reason, we suggest you and your chosen partner make time to have an honest discussion. Most importantly, you’ll need to discuss what each of you is and is not comfortable with. Ideally, this should happen BEFORE moving forward in your NSA relationship. Other important topics you should discuss include;

  • protection,
  • contraception (for opposite-sex partnerships),
  • comfort levels concerning roughness,
  • things you are not okay with regarding sexual activities,
  • things you are willing to try but are unsure of,
  • potential warning signs to look out for down the road that should lead to a discussion about terminating the relationship.
  • and finally, which Wildfire sensual massage oil turns you on.


Understand the risks of NSA Relationships

As with any sexual relationship, make sure you are conscious of possible STI and protection malfunctions. As I said earlier, this is largely uncharted territory – and with that comes the associated stigma. Be prepared for unwelcome judgements and comments from those you decide to tell or those who somehow become aware of your NSA relationship. While it is important to understand the implications a NSA relationship has on others’ perceptions of you, try not to let it deter you! A unique risk of NSA relationships is the development of emotions between partners. Address this risk by discussing your ideas on what to do should such emotions develop. Do you want to let it play out, or should you end it right then and there? Deciding what to do in this case is entirely up to you and your NSA partner(s).


Have Fun – No Strings Attached

NSA relationships are generally not long-term relationships. So, have fun with it! Don’t worry about the trivialities of traditional relationships we have grown up learning and watching because such a lifestyle may not be for you! While the threat of emotional development is real, it is nothing to worry about. What happens in a NSA relationship is what happens. Therefore, go with the flow, communicate well, and stick to the ground rules. With such a worry-free relationship, you will be the happiest of them all!



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