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Romantic Room Spray (50ml)

Get ready to feel the love with Feels like Love, the ultimate romantic room spray! This magical mist is the perfect way to set the mood for a steamy night in. Simply spritz a few sprays of this essential oil spray on your sheets, around the room, or even on your lingerie for an instant boost of romance!

Our Feels like Love mood mist is made with only the purest essential oils known for their aphrodisiac qualities – think sandalwood and ylang-ylang! As soon as you spray it, let the love-infused aroma fill the air and get you in the mood for some serious romance.

What’s even better? Our romantic mood mist has been specially blended to match our Wildfire Enhance Her all-over pleasure oil and Tantalize our pure aphrodisiac essential oil for love. So, whether you’re looking to add some excitement to your love life or simply want to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere, Feels like Love has got you covered.

Don’t wait – try Feels like Love today and let the magic of romance take over!

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Let the love flow with Feels Like Love Mood Mist

Introducing Feels Like Love Mood Mist, the ultimate romantic room spray! This seductive and contemporary fusion of botanicals creates a passionate and exotic fragrance that will transport you and your partner to a world of sensuality and pleasure. Whether you’re looking to create a special atmosphere for a romantic date night or just want to infuse your home with a cozy, intimate vibe, this essential oil spray is the perfect choice. With its irresistible blend of warm, sensual tones, Feels Like Love Mood Mist is the ultimate love potion. This exotic and romantic room spray will take your romantic encounters to the next level!

Create the Atmosphere You Desire!

The scent of Feels Like Love Mood Mist is a captivating fusion of botanicals that will tantalize your senses and create an atmosphere of love and passion. Imagine the warm, woody scent of Sandalwood enveloping you and your partner, relaxing your mind and body, and filling you both with a sense of comfort and closeness. And then, the delicate and alluring aroma of Rose Geranium creeps in, adding a touch of elegance and sensuality.

But that’s not all – This spray is also infused with hints of other tantalizing scents, like sweet ylang-ylang and earthy patchouli, to heighten the mood and intensify the overall experience. You’ll feel your senses coming alive with pleasure and anticipation.

So why settle for a boring, ordinary bedroom when you can transform it into a seductive and exotic paradise? With just a spritz of Feels Like Love Mood Mist, let the magic happen as you and your partner become enchanted by the sensual atmosphere you’ve created. Before you know it, you’ll both be in the mood for some steamy romance.

A Trio of Sensual Delights

Looking to add some extra heat to your home, or spice things up with your partner? Look no further! Feels Like Love Mood Mist, Wildfire Enhance Her 4-in-1 Sensual massage oil, and Tantalize are the ultimate trio.  Create the perfect atmosphere for love and passion by pairing Feels Like Love Mood Mist with Wildfire Enhance Her 4-in-1 Sensual massage oil and Tantalize, our pure aphrodisiac essential oil for love. This combination will leave you feeling relaxed, energized, and deeply connected to your partner. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Wildfire Enhance Her is a luxurious blend of plant-based oils and herbs that’ll nourish your skin and awaken your senses. It’s perfect for creating an intimate massage experience that will leave you feeling pampered and deeply connected to your partner. And with Tantalize, our pure aphrodisiac essential oil, you’ll be transported to a world of sensual pleasure and heightened desire.

Trust us, these products are game-changers. They’ll help you tap into your inner seductress, and bring some serious heat to your love life. So, what are you waiting for?  Try Feels Like Love Mood Mist today and experience the ultimate romantic room spray. Your partner will thank you for it!

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 125 mm








Purified Water, and a blend of essential oils in a naturally derived base. Essential oils include:

  • Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)
  • Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)
  • Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
  • Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum)
  • Rose Geranium ( Pelargonium roseum)


How to use

  • Shake before use.
  • Spray 3-5 pumps or desired amount into the air.
  • Or spray a fine mist on bed linen, pillows, and clothes.
  • Repeat as often as desired.


  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
  • Always perform a colour fastness test on fabric before application.
  • If irritation or sensitivity occurs discontinue use.
  • Use only as described.
  • Do not ingest.
  • Keep out of reach from children.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Store below 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit.


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  1. Kylie B. (Verified Customer)

    Just amazing

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    • Wildfire Online (store manager)

      Thanks for the love, Kylie! We’re thrilled to hear that you enjoyed our Wildfire Love mood mist.
      Love, Team Wildfire

  2. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Heaven in a bottle sensual smell gets us going

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    • Wildfire Online (store manager)

      Wow, sounds like Love Mood Mist is really hitting all the right notes for you! It’s like having a little slice of heaven in a bottle, but with the added bonus of getting your senses, all fired up. Keep on misting and keep that loving mood going strong!
      Love, Team Wildfire

  3. Alan (Verified Customer)

    Spayed on sheets. Room smell nice

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    • Wildfire Online (store manager)

      Hi Alan,
      We’re delighted to hear you’ve been enhancing the sensuality of your linens in the bedroom, and we really appreciate your 5-star rating.
      Love, Team Wildfire

  4. Alan B. (Verified Customer)

    Very nice smell

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    • Wildfire Online (store manager)

      Hey Alan,
      Thank you for your review! We’re so glad you like the smell of our Love Mood Mist.
      We appreciate your feedback and we will definitely keep it in mind as we continue to develop our products. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy it in the future!
      Love, Team Wildfire

  5. Sawney Carson (Verified Customer)

    Love the scent of this mood mist.

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    • Wildfire Online (store manager)

      Hi Sawney,
      Thank you for your 5-star rating; We’re glad to know you’re happy with our Love Mood Mist.
      Love, Team Wildfire

  6. Matthew (Verified Customer)

    Absolutely worth every cent. Smells amazing and really helps set the mood

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    • Wildfire Online (store manager)

      Hello, Matt.
      Thank you for your positive feedback and 5-star review. We’re thrilled to hear you adore our Love Mood Mist so much. It’s almost as though love is in the air 😉
      Keep misting, and we’ll be waiting for your next order.
      Love, Team Wildfire

  7. Fumi (Verified Customer)

    It has the exact scent that I was after. And the ease of use as spray means I can take it anywhere, so convenient!

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    • Wildfire Online (store manager)

      Hi Fumi,
      We love that you’ve found the exact scent you were after in our Love mood mist spray. We hope it’s helping to enhance those romantic vibes
      Love, Team Wildfire

  8. Felix Fletcher-Shumack (Verified Customer)

    This mood mist was sent to me inside of a larger purchase and was today unexpected so it was a real treat when I found it inside my package box – it made me feel like the owners actually cared that I purchased their product and it has ensured that I’m going to be making another purchase before I run out of what I have at the moment, from them. This spray is great because while my wife is getting ready I can give a few quick squirts around the room or on my chest to really enhance the mood and bring a bit of enticement before things get started.

    (0) (0)
    • Wildfire Online (store manager)

      Hey Felix,
      There were lots of warm fuzzy feelings across the Wildfire Team after reading the review about your recent order.
      Spraying a little mood mist around the room or on the sheets is definitely a great way to help set an intimate mood 😉
      We’re so happy to help keep that fire burning, and thanks for sharing your review with us!
      Love, Team Wildfire

  9. Andrea (Verified Customer)

    It has a very addictive aroma and puts you in the mood ❤️

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    • Wildfire Online (store manager)

      Hi Andrea,
      Thanks for sharing your review. We’re very happy to hear you enjoy our Love Mood Mist and find the aroma so addictive! We agree it certainly does put you in the mood!
      All the best.
      Kind Regards,
      The Team at Wildfire

  10. Carol L. (Verified Customer)

    Fabulous products. Excellent packaging and very efficient delivery.

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  11. Sam


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