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Sexy Essential Oils For Massage

Essential Oils for Massage - Elevating Love and Pleasure

Incorporating essential oils for massage is a great way to enhance intimacy and add more romance to your life. There are many popular essential oils that can be used in the bedroom, and they can be a game-changer for your sensual experience. After all, pleasure is not just about the sense of touch, but also about engaging all your senses. 

In this article, we will explore some of the more popular essential oils for massage and explain why and how you can incorporate them into your intimate moments. After all, pleasure is about more than just your sense of touch. Getting all your senses involved makes for a truly sensual experience.

Why Use Essential Oils for Massage

When inhaled or absorbed through your skin, essential oils stimulate your limbic system, those primal parts of your brain associated with emotions and instinct. Plus, essential oils help release “feel good” hormones like serotonin and endorphins to produce an alluring aphrodisiac effect. Essential oils can calm your nervous system, improve your mood, increase blood circulation, and entice the senses to turn you on and enhance your pleasure.

Best Essential Oils for Love and Romance

But, which essential oils are best when it comes to love and romance? 

Here, we’re sharing some of our favourite ingredients to look for in your natural body oils and lubricants. Get ready… things are about the heat up in the bedroom!


Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang is the ultimate essential oil for love. This ancient aphrodisiac offers an uplifting quality while relaxing the body, slowing the heart rate, and improving your mood.

Did you know? Flowers from the ylang ylang tree are traditionally used to adorn the wedding bed of newly married couples for their aphrodisiac benefits. Use ylang ylang to create an all-over sensory experience for you and your partner to melt into one another and explore your deepest desires.

Try our Wildfire Black pleasure oil infused with ylang ylang, it’s perfect for sensual massage.


Patchouli offers tension relief, soothes inflammation, and stimulates your libido. It also lifts your mood and promotes relaxation, making it the perfect essential oil for romance and passion.

Its exotic scent is sensual and alluring, making it the perfect essential oil for massage oils. Not only is it romantic but it also heightens sensual awareness. Long story short, it’ll stimulate your senses and put you in the mood.


Rose Geranium

Rose Geranium is another essential oil for love that’ll boost your
libido and prepare your body and mind for intimacy. But rose geranium essential oils can do even more than that.

Intensely hydrating and with anti-inflammatory properties it’s ideal for dry skin, rose geranium leaves you feeling soft and luxurious and acts as the perfect natural lubricant.

Menopause can be a challenging time for many women, as hormonal changes can lead to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. One of the most common issues experienced by women over 40 is vaginal dryness, which can lead to discomfort during sex and even pain. In addition, winter weather can also exacerbate dryness, leading to scaly skin and other uncomfortable symptoms.

If you’re dealing with menopausal vaginal dryness or your skin tends to get scaly in winter, look no further than rose geranium-infused body oils! Not only do they offer a range of benefits, but they’ve also been touted as the “best lubricant for menopause dryness,“.

Whether you’re dealing with menopausal vaginal dryness or scaly skin in the winter, rose geranium-infused body oils can provide relief. This is because of their healing properties, which can soothe your skin and reduce inflammation. Massage therapists often use essential oils to enhance the massage experience, and rose geranium-infused body oils are especially beneficial if you’re dealing with any of these common issues.


Most of us know and love lavender essential oil, but it’s worth a mention when it comes sparking more romance in your life. Its soothing, relaxing qualities are key to helping you open up and sink into pure bliss.

Whether you’re indulging your partner in a relaxing massage after a stressful week at work or you’re simply practising some intimate self-care on your own, lavender essential oil is a special ingredient to look for in your skin oils and natural lubricants. 

For pure pleasure, try our Wildfire Original pleasure oil infused with lavender; it’s the ultimate relaxing massage oil.


Our premium intimacy oils are curated with combinations of these aphrodisiac essential oils. Some are more intense, others are seductively subtle, and all can transform your love life for the better. Shop our complete collection of all-natural pleasure oils to get in the mood.



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