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Must Have Tips for the Ultimate Sensual Massage

Must Have Tips for the Ultimate Sensual Massage

Every intimate partnership, no matter how strong or connected, will experience, at one point or many points, the frustration of a lackluster sex life and decreased sex drives. If you’re ready to move past sexual frustration, a great way to reignite the passionate sparks of your relationship is by relaxing into a sensual massage.

#1 Take some time to relax and prepare.

For the intimate time you spend with your partner, you are not only your partner’s lover, you are a masseuse – a performer of fine arts! As any artist worth their salt knows, you need the right tools. A towel, an abundance of lotion, and oil are essential supplies for giving a sensual massage. Take the intimate mood to the next level by using sensual aromas and oils during the massage. The final preparation step is to ensure your nails are trimmed and buffered, your hands are clean, and all the lotions/oils are warmed to the desired temperature. Nothing will kill a sensual massage like freezing cold hands and lotion.

#2 Set an Arousing Mood

Turn on some easy-listening music, turn down the lights, and turn up the mood! The atmosphere of the room can make or break your massage so pay attention to the likes and dislikes of your partner and yourself! Finding the perfect balance between overhead lighting, lamps and candles is crucial to creating the intimate vibe of sensuality. A critical component to a successful massage is room temperature! Make sure you set the temp at a level that is comfortable for both you and your partner. The finishing touch should be some relaxing, sexy music you have enjoyed together in the past!

#3 Switch it up! Use Different Sensual Massage Techniques

Once you have everything ready to go and the mood is set to an optimal level, it’s time to get down to sensual massage pleasure – not business! Always keep in mind that this should be an experience you both enjoy – not just one of you! Keep your hands lathered up and spread a sensual massage oil all over your partner’s body. Start slow, with broad and sweeping motions on large surface areas of your partner’s body, like the back and legs. Once your both getting into it, don’t be afraid to position yourselves to increase the intimacy and pleasure between you. Ask your partner about technique preferences to fine-tune your massage skills!

#4 Shift Your Focus to Key, Sensitive Areas!

sensual massage - erotic relaxation oil

Since you’ve already been working on a generalized massage, you and your partner should be very relaxed at this point. Being relaxed allows us to bring our guards down and lower our inhibitions. With this relaxation comes the opportunity for increased pleasure and arousal! Begin slowly focusing on areas of your partner’s body that, when stimulated, cause your partner to react in a noticeably aroused way. We all know the obvious areas: genital regions, mouth, and neck. But, if you really want to step things up, ask your partner what to do next! Pay special attention to your partner’s reactions and notice when things seem to be going amazingly well for both of you!

#5 Communication, Communication, Communication!!!

We all love conversing with our partners, but keep it to a minimum during a sensual massage! Remember that there are other forms of communication besides verbal conversation. During a massage, the most important form of communication you need to be aware of is nonverbal communication! So if your partner appears to be in pain or expresses being in pain, stop immediately and have a conversation about the next steps. Keep in mind that a sensual massage does not have to lead to further sexual activities, so always seek permission before moving forward.

Take a break from your hectic life and spend some time in pure appreciation of human sexuality and your partner’s entire being through engaging in the intimacy of a sensual massage with your partner.