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How to Discover your Inner Vixen

Unlock Your Inner Vixen - 8 Easy Steps to Sexual Empowerment

The sensual superpower of females

Ladies, let’s talk about the sensual superpower of females – our inner vixen! We all know that sometimes, or let’s be real, frequently, we struggle with a low sex drive or sexual frustration. With all the demands of our daily lives, it’s no surprise that our sex lives often take a backseat to work, kids (if you have them), the gym, friends, family, dating, partners, and the list goes on and on.

But fear not, my fellow vixens! Here, we’ll look at 8 EASY steps to discovering your Inner Vixen…they’ll help you increase your sex drive, feel sexually empowered, and have amazing sex! So let’s shake off those inhibitions and take back our sexual power!


The vixen secret you need to know

Women all wield a secret, sexual-frustration-fighting weapon. It is such a huge secret that many women don’t even know they wield such amazing power!

Without the knowledge of this power, many women are not able to use their sexual gifts.

What you and I and women everywhere yield is an inner vixen. Our inner vixen is the culprit behind our sexual fantasies (and realities!). 

With a little mindfulness and self-care, and barely any work at all, you can unleash your sexuality to the fullest extent of its power – you can uncover your true vixen.

You have to own your sexuality

Embrace all of your unique flaws and imperfect perfections! Your inner vixen will not wield much power until you’re self-confident and self-assured! 

Try to think of the last time you were extremely proud of or confident in yourself. Do you remember feeling your heartbeat in your neck and feeling your blood rush throughout your body? You felt on top of the. Continue to hold on to that moment as you recollect other moments where you felt similarly. Now imagine yourself having amazing sex with the same drive, motivation, and enthusiasm as you had within those moments.

You have to own your sexuality before you can wield it. Think a bit about all that you could do with your body given the presence of such powerful feelings. During those times where your self-esteem and self-confidence couldn’t be higher, harness the power of those feelings and learn to use them in uncovering the sexual powers of your inner vixen.



Dress to impress

Help yourself through living in such a way that allows for optimal levels of happiness, comfort, and self-assurednessI know that when I start running out of clean laundry, I have to make sacrifices regarding the comfort of my bum. I wear the underwear that is at the back of the drawer and used only in emergencies. I don’t feel nearly as confident about myself when clothes aren’t comfortable.

So, dress to impress – but the one being impressed should be yourself! If you feel like you look like a total bum in those baggy sweats and huge t-shirt, chances are that you probably don’t feel too self-confident. Don’t allow doubt and discomfort to creep into your life! Your inner vixen will thrive when you treat yourself right!

Empower your sexuality self awareness

As you walk down the street, whether it is in a crowded metropolis or the rural countryside, slow down your pace and take in your surroundings. 

Becoming more self-aware and practicing mindfulness, you’ll notice how the wind feels against your face or how the sun feels on your back. Ultimately, you need to slow down and take your time – you need to enjoy the little things that life has to offer. 

Once you are able to practice mindfulness in your daily routines, you will be able to experience the full strength of the pleasure that comes with passionate sex.



Be present

Keep your mind and thoughts in the present!

This is another concept tied to mindfulness practices.

The truth is, we sometimes check out of sex and find ourselves thinking about all those emails that aren’t going to write themselves. We totally forget about our partners and that we are even having sex! Ladies, try keeping your mind in the present!

When you keep your thoughts directed solely at what is happening right in front of and to you, you will be able to take back control of your inner vixen and wield the full power of your fierce sexuality.

Sweet spots

Begin uncovering your sexual sweet spots and figuring out exactly what it is that will drive you and your partner to the edge of glory.

If you know yourself (through practicing mindfulness and becoming self-aware), you know what you do or do not like.  Many women experience troubles with reaching orgasm or being able to enjoy sex. To all those women who put up with uncomfortable, unsatisfying, frustrating sex: you deserve to feel pleasure! And so does your partner! 

Furthermore, if you really engage in sex and communicate your dislikes and likes, you will be sexually empowered…achieving (multiple) orgasms will become a regular occurrence!



SEXercise your superpowers

There are also specific exercises you can do to release the vixen within you!

Kegel exercises are a great way to improve the pleasurable sensitivities of your genitals. They help improve your sexual health and enjoyment by relaxing your vaginal muscles, allowing your vagina to open wider. This is great if you have pain during sexual intercourse. And it helps assist with those pelvic exams that we all need to do. 

The exercises also improve blood circulation to your vaginal and pelvic floor, which can help improve vaginal lubrication (wetness), and raise sexual pleasure, making orgasms more intense and easier to achieve!

live life on the edge once in a while

We are told that impulsivity reflects poor judgment… Well, when it comes to your inner vixen, the bolder the better! Go get that tattoo you have been dreaming about since you were 16 years old. Get your nose pierced or try out that hairstyle you’ve been thinking about.

Make that last-minute decision to go out for a night on the town with your partner. Dare to adventure and explore in the bedroom – try out that move you’ve been fantasizing about! Maybe even attend a pole-dancing exercise class or two.

For whatever reason, our sexual desires include adrenaline-inducing, daring, risky decisions – so start making them! After all, isn’t that what your inner vixen is all about?