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How to Orgasm and the Secrets to Attaining it

How to Orgasm and the Secrets to Attaining it

Sensory peak, climax, the release of sexual tension or as the French call it: “petite mort”. There are many words that we could use to define the female orgasm because there are hundreds of ways to reach orgasm, although sexuality experts agree that there is a main physical zone responsible for orgasms, the clitoris.

The root of the word already gives us a clue: “orgasm” comes from the Greek word orgasmos, which means “excitement, swelling”; also sexual climax”. It is a release of arousal that occurs for a few seconds and can be achieved in the most diverse ways.

Sexual health experts have recently attempted to prove the idea that everyone experiences orgasms in response to the same sexual stimulation. This, however, is not the case. In fact, everyone reacts differently, so if you find that your body isn’t responding to something, don’t give up and keep exploring.

Nowadays, it is emphasized that pleasure always resides in the brain. In reality, some people can reach climax with something as simple as a massage while thinking about an exciting situation. And for some, it doesn’t even have to involve direct genital touch.

With this notion, we want to emphasise that when talking about orgasms, we should focus on the entire body. The body is an amazing map of erogenous zones, but you must dare to discover them!

So now it’s time to settle in as we investigate how you, too, can scream out in pleasure!


When discussing sexuality, it is important to emphasise that there is no one-size-fits-all method to feeling and reacting. The same is true when it comes to female orgasm.

Here, we’ll look at some of the most common techniques to reach the pinnacle of pleasure, beginning with the premise that we shouldn’t focus on reaching climax, but rather on enjoying the process and discovering one’s body. It is also critical that we are psychologically prepared.

Continue reading to learn about the various ways you, too, can experience orgasm in new and exciting ways!

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The Art of Orgasmic Massages

These caresses and pre-sex games, usually together with rubbing, can make a woman reach orgasm. Let passion drive you and let the slightest caress excite you in such a way that you cannot finish watching that movie both planned to see until the end.

You know her and what she likes because you have paid attention to the gestures, she makes with her beautiful face many times; you know that her erogenous zones include her thighs, nipples, ears, and neck, but you want to intensify those emotions.

Oral Sex Secrets

Can you imagine your lover wanting to eat you because you smell so good? 

Oral sex is one of the most intimate moments with your partner, and it involves using the tongue to stimulate the clitoris, vaginal entrance, and vulva lips. Do you want to give oral sex a different touch? Then an arousal oil (available in cooling or warming) is just what you need.

Imagine her body to be a blank canvas, and that by applying the Sex Oil you will be giving life to the senses since you will be able to kiss her, lick her, bite her, and savour her body while she is immersed in a blissful explosion of pleasure.


Massages are one of several “tools” at your disposal to help make this part more interesting. Performing an intimate massage using Sex Oil due will also help the temperature rise due to its seductive aromas. We recommend the 4-in-1 Aromatherapy Massage Oil (Original 100ml), which is just what you need to change your mood and relax.

Let each caress enhance the act of love or exalt sensual delights by transforming sexual behaviour into a ceremony of love.

In this way, sexuality becomes a transgressive experience in which lovers confess their desires and indulge in the extravagance of sensations in a way that is out of the ordinary.


How to Orgasm with Masturbation

Yes, many women can reach orgasm by touching themselves or with the helping hand of their partner; in fact, many times it becomes a quick and pleasant way to reach orgasm.

However, touching with dry hands or fingers can cause pain, especially if your skin is very sensitive, so lubrication is essential. You can completely rely on Wildfire’s 4-in-1 Natural All Over Body Oil (Enhance Her), it helps reduce inflammation and helps you feel so much more.

So as you knock on the gates of heaven, a sex oil will turn those intimate caresses into heightened sensations, leading you to euphoria.

Sex Toys

Sex toys are a fantastic choice for climax, but did you know they perform even better when combined with a sex oil? 

This is because many massagers and vibrators speed up the absorption of aphrodisiacs within the oil, into the bloodstream, causing the libido to awaken more quickly.

Furthermore, these toys are excellent massagers for any part of the body: the nape, neck, cervical, lumbar, or feet can be wonderful allies in terms of stimulating us through massages, caresses, or, why not, pleasant vibrations.


Did you know?

• The clitoris exists just to provide us with pleasure! It is the area of the body that is responsible for most of the female sexual pleasure!

• The clitoris contains around 8,000 pleasurable endings that are stimulated from the outside or the inside (the penis has approximately 4,000). (Vagina – G-spot).

• The clitoris does not age; it may offer us pleasure at the age of 20 as well as at the age of 80… therefore it is never too late to achieve the ultimate orgasm.

• Of course, like with everything else in life, what is not used deteriorates… So, let’s make the most of it!

Remember that the brain is the largest sexual organ in humans. You must relax, clear your mind, and open yourself up to new feelings to really enjoy yourself.

With a female libido booster, you’ll be turned on by the combination of aphrodisiac aromas and physical sensations. Your body will respond and open itself up, increasing its pleasure along the way so that you and your partner can fully enjoy a deeper intimate experience.

If you’re ready to start experiencing amazing orgasms with our products but have a few questions, check out our FAQs for all the answers to the most asked questions. And if you still have unanswered questions feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll be delighted to assist you!