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An Erotic Massage Oil Showdown

An Erotic Massage Oil Showdown

Recently we caught up with Sexpert Ruby Wild. Ruby’s a long-standing advocate of coconut oil being the best massage oil for an erotic encounter. We believe otherwise. So we decided to ask Ruby to try out Wildfire Black (our most Sensual Massage Oil) and determine what massage oil is best. The following is a recount of Ruby Wild’s experience.

Peter's work wear comes off

Peter arrived for his usual erotic encounter, still dressed in his high viz workwear. I am his fortnightly treat, after a long week on construction sites, sweating in the hot Queensland sun. We have now been “friends” for 5 years, the same amount of time I have been working privately for myself. And at that time, we have developed a “relationship” of sorts, in that I know what he likes, how he likes it and it’s very comfortable. After 5 years, it should be, otherwise, you would have to question why he still visits!

I’ve got a little surprise for you

As Peter finished showering, I said “I’ve got a little surprise for you!” as I showed him the bottle of Wildfire Black intimate oil. Now, Peter is an Aussie bloke, none of this fancy stuff for him. He doesn’t even like nice-smelling soap (and it’s not because he’s married and worried about the wife. It’s what the guys at the pub will say!). So to say he was sceptical was an understatement. Having a long-term “relationship” with Peter does give me some scope to convince him to try new things. So after a little encouragement, he agreed to let me use the Wildfire oil.

What will the guys say?

Once he was settled, we opened the bottle. The scent was quite intense on the first opening. I recalled being told this was a more intense version, than the Wildfire Original (Relaxing Massage Oil), but more preferred by men. Peter was concerned, “What will the guys say? This better wash off”, but he agreed to let me continue. Any concerns Peter’s had quickly disappeared as the natural aphrodisiacs absorbed into his skin, leaving a subtle scent in the room.

This erotic oil intensifies the sensations

I would usually use coconut oil for massage, as it goes a long way and is also good for the skin, and you can be quite liberal with it. Wildfire Black does not spread quite as easily as coconut oil, you need to use a bit more of it if you want to massage with it, but the feeling on the skin is far superior. It is not greasy and absorbs nicely, making the skin feel soft and supple without the oily residue. 

For the all-over erotic encounter, we ended up alternating with coconut oil and the Wildfire Black, using the coconut for the back of Peter’s body and the Wildfire Black for the erotic side of things. It slides nicely between the hands and over the skin. It is not overly greasy, allowing the natural aphrodisiacs to absorb into the skin and intensify the sensations so that the person has the best experience possible.

So what's the big difference?

The bottle says that it can be used for four different purposes, luxurious bath oil, nourishing body moisturiser, erotic massage oil, and intimacy oil. Well, we ticked off the latter two and Peter was very happy with the result. The lubricative qualities of the oil are good, it’s not quite as slippery as coconut oil. The fragrance of the essential oils gives the room a very clean smell which I really loved. After Peter’s shower, he informed me that he preferred the Wildfire Black to the coconut on his ‘bits’. As it was easier to get off and he liked the smell. He was going to tell the guys he was trying out a new aftershave, and they could just get over it.

Ruby Wild's verdict

So, Wildfire Black was a winner with Tradie Peter. Although, I won’t be able to use Wildfire oil with all my clients as some won’t even let me use much coconut oil, because they would have to explain what they have been up to. The texture and sensation on the hands and skin is very nice and I like the smell that is left after the massage, it’s a clean smell and my skin also feels good which is important as it gets all over me too! It was easy to wash off my skin, but the smell remains, again an issue for some but not for me. Later, that day, someone in the shops even asked me what I was wearing as it smelt nice!

Looking forward to trying Wildfire oil in a bath sometime soon and will share the results then.


  1. This is awesome stuff, its good to be in the know.

  2. Moksha Essentials

    Oh, I love this, and need to read it again! you have the basics laid out so clearly! Great job,

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