Sex, Scent & You.

By Team Wildfire

Physical intimacy is a fundamental part of nature

The concept of connection and romance is integral to our general well-being, and quite often a huge part of our identity. The freedom of sexual liberation and exploration is powerful and can ignite a sense of empowerment for self, and for your relationship.

However, it’s only natural we run into slumps from time to time. Some of which last longer than we desire. 

So the question arises, how do we shake that? After time, the slump may drag us deeper and deeper into a pit of despair. One of which may seem difficult, if not near impossible to pull our way out of. 

It’s OK, you’re not alone. According to clinical sexologist, Megwyn White — “we are microcosms of the world around us—nature has different seasons, and so do we.” 

“Libidos, or our sex drives, are ruled by both physiological and psycho-emotional factors, meaning many different things affect our sexual desire,” she explains.

Here’s some tips we’ve learnt from our own lived experiences to aid in shaking off and out of the rut.

First things first — don’t make assumptions. More often than not, our own conclusions can take us to the worst of places. Once we embed ourselves within those thoughts, it can lead to increased anxiety along with a plethora of other feelings which may in turn exacerbate the initial problem. 

Communication is the key, and one way we’ve discovered to be truly communicative with yourself and with your partner — is communication via the senses. 

Smell plays an integral part in not only memory but arousal too. Data suggests that olfactory sensitivity plays a huge role in arousal — here’s where aphrodisiac oils come into play to help you, whether it be for self-love, or for you and your partner to get back into the swing of intimacy. 

Aromatherapy is known as one of the most potent natural aphrodisiacs, with certain scents being known to stimulate libido, energy, blood flow, aiding with impotency, reducing anxiety, depression, and feelings of indifference… the list goes on. But, in essence — tearing back the emotional slump to create an environment for you to achieve a full state of arousal. A place where you and your partner can be at ease to reconnect and recreate your space of passion and intimacy. 

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