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Sensual Massage Tips [Infographic]


We’ve gathered the best sensual massage tips that will guarantee a sensuous, steamy massage – and night – for you and your partner. Whip out these tricks of the trade to get your gal or guy going as a sweet gesture, or as a warm-up to the main event. In this infographic, we explore head to toe the erogenous and sensitive zones of the body that, when touched, will bring new heights of pleasure and sensation to your partner. 

HOW Turn your massage game up a notch


The head rarely gets attention during a massage – and it’s time to change that. Start gentle and carefully slip your fingers through their hair, and begin to caress. Include the ears and some back-of-the-neck action for a spine-tingling massage.

Even before a romp-sesh, surprise your partner with a sneaky head massage. Hey- they don’t call those head massagers Orgasmatron’s for nothing! Your partner will be putty in your hands.


The skin behind your knee is some of the thinnest and sensitive on your body. A commonly touted erogenous zone, a swift tickle to the inner leg can get your partner going in an instant. 

While massaging their calves or legs (slide up and down, varying pressure, with all ten fingers), move to the back of the knee. Lightly scratch and caress the area and drive your partner wild. If you really want to spice things up try lightly running your tongue across the area.  



Feet are commonly listed as an erogenous zone for men and women. They contain spots that, when stimulated, link directly to the genitals. Run a finger down the middle of the foot to send tingles up their spine, and then use your thumbs and palms to relax and release tension. Circular motions are mesmerising and will get your partner breathing well before the big event. Pro tip: tug the big toe back and forth and, if you dare, indulge in a little bit of toe sucking.


Believe it or not, the chest can hold a huge amount of tension that needs releasing – just like those knots in your back do. Press down on your partner’s upper chest and push down to release pressure.

Guys – this may be obvious, but do not confuse your chest massage for a grope session. Ladies – try running your fingers through your man’s chest hair. Naturally, if things get heated, take your cue and head towards the nipples to get to teasing.


The butt often gets neglected – especially the man’s. Oil up and get to rubbing in a circular motion on the cheeks. Use the palms or thumbs to apply pressure upward from the buttocks to the coccyx (lower back/tailbone). 

The combination will release tension and feel incredibly relaxing all at once. If you’re into ‘butt-stuff’ – take it a step further and use this opportunity to get a little more intimate with your partner.

P.S. Want to turn your massage game up even further? We have one last secret to add to your sensual massage tips: Just add oil! Using a little of your preferred Wildfire sexy massage oil will let the infused aphrodisiacs further heighten the arousal of both you and your partner. 

xoxo Wildfire

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