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It’s true that sex is an important component of any healthy relationship. But, it’s also true that life gets busy, things happen, and sometimes… sex just isn’t going to happen.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate with your partner. In fact, things can quickly get hot and heavy without having actual intercourse.

Don’t believe us? Here, we’re sharing some steamy ideas to get physically intimate with your partner without having sex.


Sometimes, there’s a lot of pressure on having sex that can take away from all the tantalising aspects of good foreplay. We often rush through the kissing, teasing, and tension involved when we let foreplay lead the way.

You might be surprised at how satisfying physical intimacy can be when you really focus on foreplay.

Use a clitoral stimulant and touch yourself to tease your lover. Or, let them play with you however they please. Kiss each other passionately and explore different ways to say I love you with your mouth and commit to going no further than the fun of foreplay.


Whether you and your partner are a new couple or you’ve been together for many years, date night is a surefire way to keep the spark alive.

There will always be something exciting about dressing up for each other and putting in the time and effort to affirm how important your relationship is.

Sometimes, just feeling loved and appreciated is all it takes to ignite some physical intimacy without sex.

Holding hands as you walk to the restaurant, touching knees side by side at the movie theatre. It all matters. And these simple date night gestures are powerful acts of physical intimacy without sex.


Sex doesn’t have to be taken too seriously and adding an element of play to your intimate moments is key to feeling close without intercourse.

Play truth or dare to encourage both physical and emotional connectedness. Do some roleplay to live out your secret sexual fantasies. Use flavoured lube or a clitoral stimulant to really get the juice flowing.

Play around with different ways to enjoy intimacy with your partner and you’ll see that there’s so much more to sex than you initially thought.


Who doesn’t love a good massage, right? And coming from your gorgeous partner… that’s sure to turn you on.

Keep the massage PG using luxurious oils all over your lover’s body to make them feel relaxed and cared for. Or, you can take your sensual massage to the next level with a clitoral stimulant or sex oil and massage the parts of your partner that are reserved for you.

Clearly, sex is about more than just intercourse and there are countless ways to enjoy physical intimacy with your partner without it. 

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