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Dating your Best Friend – The Brief Guide to Miss or Bliss


“Try to find a partner in your friend, rather than finding a friend in your partner.” Yes, Monica and Chandler might have done it on Friends, but in reality; dating your best friend is a walk on a tight rope with your eyes shut. Here’s a closer look at why you should date your best friend, what to look out for, and whether you should make the leap to bliss, or miss it altogether.

The Original Problem

Dating your best friend can be a crucial decision. If things do not work out, you may not only lose a companion but your best friend. This can be a big gamble, but wait! Why think about the negatives? What if it becomes the best relationship of your life, and chances are it will. So think twice before friend zoning your inseparable buddy

It requires no real Effort

Since this relationship is already so valuable to you, you need to make an extra effort to keep it running smoothly. The comfort level among best friends is so high, there is often no need for any extra effort, both before and after the relation starts. In fact, very little changes. However, when things start going wrong, you should be the first one to make a sacrifice and get hold of the situation.

You Should set some Ground Rules before Proceeding

Establish a few rules early in your relationship like you will be friends regardless of what happens to the new relationship. These rules will help you stay safe and possibly regain what you had if things go south.

Notice the Queues

Most people don’t know when to take the leap of faith because they can’t see the edge of the cliff. In this case, it’s their body language. If they have been openly flirting with you, and have made comments about how you both will look together, then it can be a good time to make a move and ask them out.

Slow and steady wins the Race – To the Altar, Perhaps?

If you took the leap to bliss, remember you were best friends a while ago. While your official relationship status may have changed, neither of you actually have, so be natural. Start with a little more intimate emotional support, and slowly add physical contact between you and your partner.

Make sure to continue asking each other about likes and dislikes. Yes, you both know each other inside out but choices change, and you should always know your companion’s choices and preferences, at least on a more intimate level.

Communicate if you want to Date

Dating your best friend is a double-edged sword, and like all successful relationships, communication is key.  Changing your relationship from platonic to romantic can be risky, but the most beautiful thing that can happen to you.

You should both be able to share lame jokes, have no hesitations when near each other, immediately get over fights, know each other’s family, calm the other down and talk endlessly.

If you are attracted to your best friend, and the queues are there, ask them out. While you may lose your best friend, what you gain in return will be a lot better. However, take it slow at first and speed up later; there is no rush to love.

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