Edible Body Fusion

Some Info On Edible Body Butters

LEARN ABOUT WILDFIRE EDIBLE FUSIONS Take your love life to a new dimension with these exotic buttery concoctions. Wildfire’s new Edible Body Fusions are the ultimate sensual body butter experience. Tease your senses and truly discover your partner’s body with your hands and tastebuds while sending them to a state of total bliss. Available in delicious,…



Eco Sex: Your Intimacy Products May Be More Sinister Than You Think

PROTECTION Traipsing through the supermarket or pharmacy looking for protection can be a daunting task. Forget banana-flavoured or ribbed for her pleasure – it’s hard enough making sure your ethical shopping standards extend to the bedroom. We’re bombarded with options for sex protection left, right and centre – and advertising loopholes mean we’re not always…